And the 2015 winner is…

Ann C Clements, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Music Education
Penn State University Park

A 3D Virtual Reality Teaching Lab (VRTL): Training Teachers for Meaningful Engagements with All Students

A special thanks to our other fantastic presenters!

Katie Kostohryz, PhD, LPC (ID)

Assistant Professor of Counselor Education;
Coordinator of Counseling Services, CEDAR Clinic

Penn State University Park

Choose Your Own Adventure Assignment

Rungun Nathan

Associate Professor of Engineering;
Program Coordinator for Mechanical Engineering

Penn State Berks

E-Collaborative Board: An electronic board for group involvement

Andrew Peck

Senior Lecture in Psychology;
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies in Psychology;
Director of the PRISM Research Group

Penn State University Park

Choose Your Own Adventure Style Courses

Sam Richards, HPS

Senior Lecturer in Sociology;
Director of Development, World in Conversation
Center for Public Diplomacy

Do I want to know what my students are really thinking? Actually, I do.

Marietta Scanlon

Lecture of Engineering
Penn State Berks

Your Life is Your Lab

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